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The Arboretum at Roper Park is designed as a refuge for youth and adults.    It is built as part of the Pickens County Roper Park which serves the recreational needs of the community.    Roper Park includes: baseball and soccer fields; community center with indoor basketball courts, walking courts and dance studios; outdoor swimming pool, walking paths and picnic areas.  

The Arboretum will include walking trails and benches for family to enjoy nature, to play together and converse.    Trees and nature will be the center of the Arboretum, which is a multiple year project to transfer a piece of Roper Park.   


In previous years the Jasper Rotary Club through its fund raising and through District Grants have cleared and leveled the land, planted trees, built sidewalks, curbs and begun transformation of the area.      Cooperative work teams of local Rotary members and Pickens County Maintenance crews have worked to improve the Arboretum this year.   The work this year, using donations from Jasper Rotary Club and the District Grant, included trenching and mulching at all trees in the Arboretum, bringing water supply to the site to provide irrigation of plants and bringing electrical service to the site.   Future projects will include the planting of additional trees, paving using grey flagstone, seating wall and construction of entrance.

ARBORETUM 2014-15 Projects:

•  Reduce ongoing maintenance.
•  Improve drainage and eliminate erosion problems
•  Irrigation Syst

  •  Lack of a cross section of Community involvement in planning & support.
  •  Reduce ongoing maintenance
    •  Improve drainage and eliminate erosion problems
    •  Add irrigation system
    •  Add additional shade trees
    •  Continue to adjust vision to changing needs of the community

Status Update - Sept 10, 2014

Arboretum area topographic survey approved by RC Board in August has been ordered.

  • Survey fieldwork has been completed.
  • Completed Arboretum topo (hardcopies & digital) are scheduled for delivery next week.
  • Study to develop revisions in area drainage, activity/uses locations, traffic flow & utilities will begin.
  • Proposed activities/uses to be included in Arboretum planning are:
  1. Public Events in Circle & Oval Grove
  2. Honor Tree Plantings
  3. General Arboretum Trees & Landscaping
  4. An Assessable To All (ATA) Playground
  5. An “ATA” Playing Field (team sports)
  6. “ATA” Public Services (restrooms, etc)
  7. “ATA” Parking
  8. Construction of Arbor Shading Units
  • Too begin project planning to include broad community support and involvement in all phases of Arboretum project activities.


  • Have planning far enough along to be able to complete irrigation work in DSG (2014 District Simplified Grant) by April 2015.


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