Rotary Club of Jasper Charter Members

  • Dennis Burnette, President
  • Stanley Dean, Vice-President
  • Dr. A. V. Gude, Secretary
  • Bob Payne, Treasurer
  • Bill Armstrong, Sergeant-at-Arms

Early History

An informal meeting was held by two Canton (GA) Rotarians (Jerry Thacker and A.V.  Gude) with John Wheeler, Max Caylor and Bob Payne to determine the interest in forming a Jasper Rotary Club

The first meeting regarding formation of the Rotary Club of Jasper was held at the Jasper Steakhouse in May 1989. The purpose of the meeting was to determine the interest and feasibility of establishing a Rotary Club of Jasper. Several members of the Canton Rotary Club were present to give the prospective members an overview of Rotary, how clubs are formed, and some of the policies and procedures of Rotary. They mentioned that attendance was very important, that a Rotary Club is made up  of different professional and business persons from within the community, and the 4-Way Test was reviewed. Individuals present were asked to consider becoming a Rotarian and sign and return a membership card to a local contact within 10 days.

Shortly after that time, a meeting was called to further discuss a new Rotary Club including meeting day, time and location. Jasper Family Steakhouse was chosen for the meetings on Wednesdays at noon. Dennis Burnette was selected to be the president; Stanley Dean, vice president; A. V. Gude, secretary and Bob Payne, treasurer.

Club Events
Club Leaders