Children's Music Park

View of Children's Music Park

"Rotary Club of Jasper is contributing sweet sounds to the environment in the form of a children’s music park, complete with instruments that children of all abilities can play.

The park is the brainchild of Kay and Steve Lawrence (both former club presidents) and Don and Regina Martin (former district governor and president, respectively) after they saw an exhibit from Freenotes Harmony Park at the Rotary International Convention in Atlanta."

Article Excerpt From:
The Rotary Club’s Music Park Is A Hidden Gem In Jasper. (2020, July 22). Retrieved January 13, 2023, from

Child Playing on Music Park Xylophone


Child playing on Park Instrument Shaped like a flower


Child playing on percussion instrument at Children's Music Park in Jasper


View of Children's Music Park in Jasper GA

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